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31st December 2020

11:59pm: Open sesame.

Open journal. ~ ♥

[The best and only blog crew.]
HK ♥ China
Shinatty-chan owns HK

16th April 2011

7:51am: What has the world been doing?
Hi world, how are you? I hope you are well and doing amazing things.

What have I been up to? Applying to law schools and flailing. A lot of flailing. At this point, it is about 99.9% certain that I will be at UC Davis come fall. The campus when I visited last weekend had a relaxed atmosphere. All the law students seemed to genuinely love studying there and constantly referred to the amazing support they receive from each other, which is a nice change from the nightmarish stereotypes of cut-throat law students ripping out pages from library books.

Other things? Plant ecology lab work, Tzu Ching, and a helluva lot more traveling than I usually do. Taking the train multiple times in the past month has been unexpectedly pleasant, especially the Pacific Surfliner in southern California that rides along the beach although some stretches of the track to Sacramento were also gorgeous. Scenery like this reminds me that California is an incredibly beautiful state.

24th September 2010

11:31am: Somehow it's autumn already.
Not much going on, merely the rhythm of life re-asserting itself after the doldrums of summer. My lab coat has all sorts of inexplicable stains on it.

Someone needs to tell Mr. Rives in Texas to stop making an asshat of himself. Again. You too, Texas Board of Education. Haven't they've done enough harm.

Here's a gem: "In interviews, Mr. Rives has likened his concerns about Islam to those he and other Americans once had about communists infiltrating American society." -- Yes, everyone, you heard it here first: Muslims are like communists! They are infiltrating society! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! They are here to brainwash our children with textbooks JUST LIKE THOSE PINKO COMMIES BACK IN THE 50's. Let us conveniently ignore all the problems with McCarthyism and Islamophobia. People like Mr. Rives are an increasingly loud constituent in the U.S. it seems, spewing hate and ignorance.

5th August 2010

11:51pm: Time flew by and left us behind.
Hello hello!

A Google images picspam list of things this summerCollapse )

Hope everyone is having a good summer thus far.

P.S. Hey Mr. John Lee over at the WSJ, Wilhelm Kaiser II is pretty much nothing like the current Chinese Communist Party so stop drawing false analogies. The CCP is not a one-man show as it was during the Maoist era or at the end of the Wilhelmine era; no single person or faction has that kind of political or military power in China today. I think Lee makes a good point that the younger generations of CCP leaders are coming to the fore, but I also believe their influence will be a lot more nuanced than what Lee suggests. A lot of blunders in international relations are because the older generation, made up of revolutionaries and more Party hard-liners, lack the sort of international mindset younger generations have. This can be seen in the current administration's soft-power approach to international relations as compared to earlier administrations.

4th February 2010

11:40pm: What the butterfly dreamed.
"Once I, Zhuang Zhou, dreamed that I was a butterfly and was happy as a butterfly. I was conscious that I was quite pleased with myself, but I did not know that I was Zhou. Suddenly I awoke, and there I was, visibly Zhou. I do not know whether it was Zhou dreaming that he was a butterfly or the butterfly dreaming that it was Zhou.
From Zhuangzi

Is that not wonderfully mind-boggling? ♥

Every day seems to offer some new food for thought, whether it be deriving equations for predicting allele frequency (predicting evolution itself!) or contemplating the mystical way of the Dao 道.

31st December 2009

9:32am: Hey 2010. What's up?
The only resolutions this year are to be a better person, actually do all the things I want to do, and get involved in some organizations of interest to me.

Simple enough, right?

Impending graduation (looking at fall of 2010) drives one a little stir-crazy.

18th December 2009

11:13am: Hello, world!
What's up? What have you been up to? In the epic battle between narwhal and unicorn, who would win? Please provide evidence.

Holiday cards were sent out today so if you get a stray one sometime after January, pretend they are purely "hi, how are you?" cards and not holiday cards.

Old pic spam: Chengdu, SichuanCollapse )

26th July 2009

8:16pm: Been getting worse at this Eljay business...
Still alive and kicking it with the fishes. Summer classes have been going well so far since the lab partner from hell dropped the class and I was sent off to join another group.

Just one important item to disclose: John Barrowman is more fabulous in real life than on screen.

No, I lied, one more: how does vegan ice cream cake sound? *Ponders.*

25th April 2009

8:32pm: Oh, the cobwebs have accumulated.
Not much going on but it's been a while since the last post (Valentine's Day! two months! WHAT!) so I feel somewhat obligated to dust off the old Eljay.

Random Things that I Love, In No Particular Order

*Ozonolysis. It's beautifully simple that even I can easily remember it.
*Korean monkey baby. It is impossible to look at it and not smile.
*Oatmeal with orange zest and cranberries. It's good! Try it!

Oh, procured a ticket to the last day of Comic-Con. Is anyone else attending? Look forward to cosplay-speak and pictures! There might be skirts involved. Just so you are warned.

So. Sup. How ya doin'?

14th February 2009

6:59pm: What has been seen cannot be unseen... Now where's the bleach?
This morning, I was waiting at the bus stop to do some grocery shopping when some asshole walks up with his dick hanging out and asks if I like cock. Cue WTF. Sharp "no" and promptly walk away.



To be honest, I like roosters. Those are the kind of cocks I can get along with. But dangly-man-bits? Uhmmm... no, not really. Especially not those attached to shitheads.

In happier news: CUPCAKES!

They're pink. And kind of cute. And I don't celebrate V-day. Seriously.Collapse )

12th February 2009

10:48am: Bookish and foodish things.
Electronic check-outs at libraries are lovely: get in, get out, be on your merry way. Not that I should ever be in a hurry, spending more time procrastinating than anything else.

But it's also lovely to flip open the covers of an older tome and get a sense of just how long the book has been in circulation. The dates begin March 21, 1975. The final entry is May 17, 2001, not so long ago. Someone has written, in impeccable cursive, "Mao, Tsê-tung," perhaps as a reminder on how to pronounce his name. I resist the urge to correctly write down "Máo Zédōng."

Libraries are love.

I've also been plotting out a one-person, homemade 'winter feast.' There is no celebration in particular, but the celebration of life and the season in general.Collapse )

23rd January 2009

6:35am: Milk
Not the movie (which I hear is good but not necessarily a good representation of actual events?), a documentary made in 1984. What an astounding individual.

The Times of Harvey Milk, a documentary.

18th January 2009

8:23pm: So.
Thanks for everyone's support from the last post. I didn't respond to comments because I kept tearing up but they were all most certainly read and appreciated. So...

T'sup. How did you spend your weekend?

Me? In a nutshell: crazy geeky nerdy thing like a video game tournament. Also: SRS BZNS in form of research and reading for a paper, much ado about China (as per usual). Read following tl;dr if interested.

tl;dr located under a cut for the sake of your flistCollapse )

12th January 2009

6:57pm: Sigh.
I didn't tell anyone about it because somehow saying it or writing it to Eljay was admitting that it happened. Chirrup passed away over winter break; she was approaching probably nine years old. Everything but the cage and her favorite bell has been tossed or buried with her. The house was so quiet without the sounds of a bird. Thinking about her still makes me cry; sometimes, it makes me smile too. I no longer think about her every hour, every day, but I still love her and miss her. Rest in peace.

And because lulzy drama makes things more bearable, STFU Joe the Plumber, who the hell thought it was a good idea to send him as a war correspondent?!

25th December 2008

8:43am: Ohohoho ho ho ho..?
Happy That Holiday With Trees and Old Fat Men in Red Outfits.

I'm stuck in Reno due to I80's closure under weather conditions. Hope the rest of you guys are having a good vacation otherwise.

Everyone say: Happy Birthday Jesus Hiro's mom.

2nd December 2008

8:26pm: Join cast iron bandwagon? Y
After royally fucking up my skillet two weeks ago in a freak accident involving a hot stove, hot skillet, and plastic spatula (brilliant, I know--but the chappatis were still yummy!), bit the (iron) bullet and bought this cast iron skillet.

My new baby took only three business days to get here!

So now I ask you, flist: what should I cook first with my new cast iron skillet?

Finals week? What finals week?

27th November 2008

10:06am: Noshing on turkey.

Incidentally, Happy Turkey Day.

15th November 2008

7:11pm: Our time to shine.
There goes my protest virginity. It was great.

All you need is love... and a little bit of civil disobedience.Collapse )

UCSD is a school known for apathy, especially when compared to its big sisters UCLA and Berkeley. Furthermore, UCSD is located in quiet, religious, rich, conservative La Jolla: not the place one would expect a protest. There's a fantastical, right out of a Disney movie Mormon church within view of campus. Yet despite the odds, hundreds of students showed up in the middle of Friday for rally, march, and protest against prop 8. Some news places are reporting turnout as low as 200, but at the peak there were more students: perhaps around 600 total, more than expected from a somewhat disorganized, student-led protest.

I can't help but feel that our generation is going to lead this fight and that we will see a day when every couple has an equal right to marry under the law. There is hope.

5th November 2008

7:30am: Results of California Propositions
With 96% precincts in, it looks like all hats are off. Results for some of the more important props that myself and the flist have been anxious over plus commentary:

YES on 1A, high speed rail that will link major cities, including NorCal to SoCal. Actually rather excited about this because China has been doing very well with their high speed rail; on the other hand, who knows how long it's going to take for us to build it and figure out where the funds are going to come from.

YES on 2, requires farm animals to be able to stand up, lie down, or turn around in their cages. Admittedly voted no on this one. Animals rights are important, but this raises food costs for people already struggling to make ends meet and hurts the small farms more over the larger, factory-owned ones. Also, foresee difficulties in enforcement.

NO on 4, notification of a minor's guardians at least 48 hours before abortion. California already dismissed a similar thing in the massive laughingstock special election a few years ago, so no surprises here.

YES on 8, amends California constitution to define marriage as between only a man and a woman, and also possibly annuls all same-sex marriages that have heretofore been legally recognized in the state. No words. For now.

There will be words in the future. Many of them. And lots of action too. I can't wait to join whatever concoction for amending the constitution that comes up.

P.S. Much love to Alameda County. Watching results come in from my home district and the place I'm registered makes me feel better about the results from San Diego.

For one final cheerful note: Cheers to president-elect Barack Obama! I'll disagree with some of your policies later, but for now it's a time to be overwhelming joyous and thankful. Congratulations to him and everyone behind his campaign.

4th November 2008

7:45pm: No need for dramatics or theatrics here.
I've been pretty good this election cycle about not ranting on LJ about issues and politicians. (Commenting in everyone else's posts doesn't count!)

Well. Here we are. Election night. It's always difficult for me to focus. Thank technology for live streaming news on the web; no TV or cable needed! On the other hand, this chem lab is not doing itself.

If Obama wins tonight, I'll bake Dark Victory Brownies to celebrate, recipe from The Good Cookie recipe book.

So how is everyone else's election night going?

P.S. Prop 8 better go down IN FLAMES. Seeing all the No on 8 people on campus made a cruddy, rainy day better. That, and curry.

Edit 1: Ohio, my old home state. Thanks for being sane.



Edit 4: Brownies are on the menu. But I'm still gnashing my teeth over the propositions. Come on, California...

25th October 2008

9:26pm: *Whistles* look at those lovely legs!
I've got over a dozen raw, frozen drumsticks left in the freezer. Anyone want to share any cooking ideas?

Alternatively, if one is vegetarian, fails at cooking, and/or does not have ideas, what's your favorite (and by favorite, I mean most hated) political wank so far this election?

CHICKEN recipe: After a month of going cold chicken, I picked up a package of on sale chicken drumsticks. Bonus: MAHI MAHI adventures!Collapse )

P.S.: Insert political wank here.

18th October 2008

8:30am: 九寨溝: Hidden Treasures of the Mountain Stronghold
Oops, it's been a while since the last China picspam. This post rounds out the pictures of Jiu Zhai – Huang Long region.

Early in the morning, we entered the reserve known as Jiu Zhai Gou (九寨溝 jiǔ zhài gōu, translated roughly as "Nine Villages of the Mountain Furrow"). The area itself wasn't even discovered until fairly recently, but traditionally there were nine villages nestled among the cracks of the mountains. Now there are only a few remaining (all of them Tibetan).

Here the old gods must still reside if they are to be found anywhere in this world.Collapse )

16th October 2008


Don't know how it took so long to find it, but this makes me squee and spazz so bad. It's like a childhood dream (oh yes, those happy days where you had to blow in your cartridges to get them to work) come to life! New secret ambition: go to a concert that plays Super Mario Bros music.

Yeah, that is all. More picspam of China coming soon.

10th October 2008

4:31pm: McCain and Palin aren't recipe mavericks like I am...
I have a shiny new, undubbed baking and cooking project. It involves making some of the interesting, bizarre, and delicious-looking items from the Neopets website. Crazy? Just a little bit.

These butter cookies are flavoured with vanilla and orange. Yum.

For my first challenge, I've decided on something on the tame side, but still interesting enough to give it a twist: Vanilla Orange Biscuits.Collapse )

The smells of butter, orange zest, and vanilla wafting from the oven are divine. Taste-wise, might want to add some more zest in the future, but they are quite good as is. There's an almost delicate vanilla flavor in the background and the zest makes it seem so fresh and light. Om nom nom nom...

4th October 2008

7:59am: 黄龙: Finding the Birthplace of a Dragon
Someone asked where the Sichuan photos were. In actuality, there were too many of them to put up, unless one would like to wait for the loading time.

The highlights of the Sichuan trip this year was a visit to the Jiu Zhai – Huang Long region. This area is a part of “greater Tibet” and the ethnic peoples traditionally living here are 藏 (zàng, Tibetan) and 羌 (qiāng, Qiang). First opened up to tourism about twenty years ago, the Jiu Zhai – Huang Long region is maintained by Tibetans (Tibetans have most of the jobs there, which are generally associated with the tourist industry, i.e. hotels, restaurants, guides, merchandise, etc.) and non-Tibetans are not permitted to move there.

We flew out from the Chengdu airport to a lonely airport sitting atop the mountains and from there drove by van up the winding mountain passes to reach what I consider the most beautiful landscape in China, and possibly one of the most beautiful in the world. People and government here are extremely concerned about pollution of the natural wonders so there are places inaccessible to cars and everything is reusable/recyclable.

These photos are from 黄龙 (Huáng Lóng, which translates into Yellow Dragon).

Could this be called a hidden piece of heaven on earth?Collapse )
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